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We often get requests from people who want to give unique, high quality, handcrafted, and creative gifts. Our African baskets and and other crafts meet all those criteria; plus, they are true Fair Trade and support weavers and their families in Africa!


African BasketsEvents

We provide event planners with centerpieces for tables, place setting decor, and door prizes for attendees. Ranging from a few dozen baskets to use at the centers of 5 foot round tables to 1,000 or more small giveaways for a convention, we can usually handle most requests. Contact us to find out what options we currently have available, or, with enough lead time, what custom work we can provide.

African BasketsWeddings

Whether you need one wedding basket for a bride and groom gift, or several bridesmaids gifts, browse our website for creative items that are uniquely handcrafted. Contact us if you'd like advice about which of our baskets are traditional African wedding baskets. It may not be something on the bride's gift registry, but an African basket is an unusual gift that the newlyweds will cherish for years to come.


African BasketsTired of sending out holiday gifts from your company that all look the same year after year and lack that unique 'wow' factor that really catches your clients' attention? We can meet the price point of just about any corporate gifting program. For example, we worked with a CPA firm to send a different style of basket to each of their clients year after year, providing gift wrapping, including personalized gift cards to match each basket, and shipping directly to each client's address. When you give an African basket that your client will admire every day in their home or use every day on their desk, your clients will appreciate and remember your company much more than from a perishable food item that, once consumed, may be forgotten. Contact us and see what we can do to help add social responsibility and excitement to your corporate gifting programs.

Honorarium African Baskets

If you are looking for unique gifts for guest lecturers, mentors or any other type of recognition gift, we have many options and can assist in choosing the perfect items. We often work with universities and non-profits to get the perfect item at the correct price point. Contact us to partner on your projects.

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