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Kenya, East Africa

Beaded Wire Baskets

Basket Creation

The weavers demonstrate amazing patience and concentration as they create each beaded wire basket. They string tiny colored glass beads on wire in meticulous fashion to create the patterns. Kenya Wire Weaver

The only tool that the weavers use is a pair of pliers to manipulate and cut the wire. Most patterns are created from ideas of the weavers. Sometimes they will sketch an idea on paper and then try to reproduce it using the beads and wire.

These baskets are traditionally given as gifts. For example, the bowls are given from mother to daughter at her wedding ceremony to symbolize the woman's ability to care for husband and family.

The small lidded containers are given from grandmothers to granddaughters at the wedding. The baskets hold bracelets and earrings that mark her status as a newly married woman.


Kenya Wire Baskets

The People

The weavers come from both the Maasai and Kikiyu cultures and are located North of Nairobi, Kenya. Two dozen weavers have organized into this group to skillfully create these baskets.

The Maasai and Kikiyu people continue a long history as some of the foremost beadworkers in Africa. The skills to create beadwork has been passed down through many generations and these cultures are famous throughout the world for their beadwork.

Significant improvements in the women's lives are realized because they use the money earned from making basketsto pay for food, clothing, health care, and to buy school uniforms for their children.

Shop for Kenya Beaded Wire Baskets | Kenya Information

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