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Sudan, Central Africa

Nubian Baskets

Darfur, Sudan

sudan basket weaverNubian people originally lived in Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt. They alternated trading and fighting with ancient Egyptians as long as 6,000 years ago. The Nubians were the trading link between ancient Egyptians and all of sub-Saharan Africa.

Darfur has been the center of a humanitarian crisis since 2003 when the government of Sudan waged war against the non-Arab indigenous populations, some of which were Nubian. Some baskets are collected from women’s weaving groups inside the refugee camps in Darfur. Sudan basket weavers

Uganda and Kenya

Nubian weavers are also found in countries neighboring Sudan. Over the years, Nubian people have been displaced from Sudan and Egypt. Contributing factors include World War II, the building of the Aswan Dam, influx of Arab peoples and the current conflict in Darfur. They fled South as refugees and settled in Uganda, Kenya and other countries. They work hard to preserve their native culture through traditional activities such as basket weaving so we also support Nubian weavers in Kenya and Uganda.

About the Baskets

Kenya Wire Baskets

These baskets are of coil stitched construction. This is the most difficult type of basket weaving which produces a tightly woven basket with thick walls. Coiling requires skill and experience to keep the inner coil at the right thickness while stitching the outer wrap over the coil with a needle.

Sudan Basket WeaverBaskets are made from papyrus stalks on the inside of the coils and palm leaves around the outside. Some Nubian baskets also use wild grasses. Tabagas are flat discs, used by the Nubian people as food trays. Kutas are dome shaped lids that are culturally required when bringing food from a kitchen, they also keep the food protected from insects and dust. Other baskets are bowl shaped and some also have tabagas as lids.

Shop for Sudan Nubian Baskets | Sudan Information

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