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Your purchase will help the basket weavers of Africa — most of them women — preserve their cultural heritage while they support themselves and their families.

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My highest compliments. What a truly noble endeavor to bring the gorgeous crafts of the people of Africa to grace our lives here in America. I can't describe the feeling of buying something that is made by the hands of people who give, yet who have had so much taken from them.




Thank you so much for your helpful reply. The baskets arrived in Australia around the 3 week mark. I'm delighted with the quality and can't wait to shop again with you! What beautiful handiwork.



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Zulu Wire Baskets

Zulu Wire Basket

The wire in these baskets is custom manufactured in special colors for the weavers, using some recycled and all lead-free materials. 

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About the weavers

The Zulu people have long been associated with their skill and artistry in fashioning baskets from plants and grasses. The idea to use recycled telephone wire for baskets reportedly came from security workers in South African factories.

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All of our African baskets are verified Fair Trade, because we believe that indigenous people around the world should be compensated fairly for their amazing work.

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