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SKU: 103827

Small Tray

Approximately 5.75 Inches Wide x 0.5 Inches Deep $29.00

SKU: 105201

Cup Shape

Approximately 3.75 Inches Wide x 4.5 Inches Tall $34.50


My baskets have proven grand-child resistant. Tough. Hard to hurt. Hold treasures hidden by 3 year olds. Don't get damaged. Really stand up to a lot of unexpected four-year old muggings.




Props to you for your lovely calligraphy gift messages. One of my gift recipients commented that it was so well done, she was amazed! Thank you for the extra effort. I love your products, especially the Ghanaian baskets, and have gifted several.



Shop with a conscience. Choose Fair Trade goods.

All of our African baskets are verified Fair Trade, because we believe that indigenous people around the world should be compensated fairly for their amazing work.

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