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Approximately 3.75 Inches Wide x 1.75 Inches Tall $19.50

SKU: 99316

Small Bowl

Approximately 4.5 Inches Wide x 2.25 Inches Tall $26.50

SKU: 101024

Short Cup Shape

Approximately 3.5 Inches Wide x 2.75 Inches Tall $22.50
Approximately 3.75 Inches Wide x 4.5 Inches Tall $34.50


I recently ordered a market basket from you. It is so beautiful that I had to send you a note of thanks. It will be enjoyed for many, many years.




I wanted to send a quick note to express my love & appreciation for Baskets of Africa! For my birthday this past week, my daughter purchased a Ghana basket for me. Not only was I thrilled with it's beauty & workmanship, but also by the cause it supports. Kudos to Baskets of Africa and it's mission to prevent poverty through the economic development of African basket weavers! Keep up the great work!



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All of our African baskets are verified Fair Trade, because we believe that indigenous people around the world should be compensated fairly for their amazing work.

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